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There is nothing simpler than that. Just fill in the form you need under "Family registration" or "Au pair registration", and send it to us through the Internet.

Why choose the Au-Pair-Box?

Au-Pair Box - for where else would you get reliability and such a wide choice for free? We shall forward your job vacancies or your applications to a number of qualified Au-Pair and Nanny agencies, which we have carefully chosen. These will get in touch with you, offer you their help and put you in contact with a suitable partner family, an au-pair girl or a nanny.
Your advantage: our service is completely free of charge for all families, future au-pairs or nannies and allows you to get into touch easily with all of the most competent au-pair agencies in your country and abroad. Our Service will give you a rich choice of adresses and help you make the right decision. After all we shall be happy to see "our" families and au-pairs or nannies matched well.



What is the advantage of applying to an Au-Pair or a Nanny agency?


Au-Pair agents are experts in rather a sensitive field. An au-pair position is not a normal "job", because the au-pair works as an employee and is only temporarily integrated within the family. It is a relationship which normally ends after the agreed time.
Agencies look into the contract between the au-pair and the families, they do the red tape and help, whenever they are needed. Often they can find a cheap way for the au-pair's social security and other insurances.
The fact that au-pair agents often know "their" families and cooperate with them makes it possible to solve problems more easily, if ever they should arise. If necessary, another family, already known, or a new one in the area can be found and also be interviewed to ensure that it matches well with the au-pair. Often a change of family makes the existing visa invalid, so that only the agent can apply for a new one. Just staying on would put the au-pair in an illegal position.

This is for example normally the case, when an au-pair from an EU-country works in a country which does not belong to the European Union. The necessary visa is valid for the first family only. It is only the agent, who is able to obtain a visa for a subsequent placement.

Au-pair agencies are always licensed and regularily checked by their authorities. All agents listed in the Au-Pair Box are known to be professional and reliable so that we can recommend them.

In general it hardly pays to look for a family or an au-pair yourself. If you do not know which agency to pick, we recommend to compare different offers and then decide and go ahead. This is easiest by filling in the appropriate form in the Au-Pair Box. Many of the points just mentioned here are applicable to Nanny agencies as well. Although there may be more of a proper employer/employee relationship, a visa and a work permit have to be obtained and interviews have to be arranged in order to match the right partners. Also here experience and sensitivity are needed to ensure a successful and rewarding partnership.
Good luck!

Your Au-Pair Box Team